Covid 19

Covid 19

26 March 2020

In order to ensure management of the NHS's capacity and potentially save thousands of lives, our Government has instructed everyone to stay at home unless it is essential to go out.  This makes it very difficult for us to support new residents to move into a Housing 21 or, a court managed by Goldsborough Estates Ltd safely. 

Our courts are home to people that have been identified by the Government has vulnerable and are likely to include people that need to be "shielded" because they are considered to be chronically vulnerable  This may also be the case for many of our Buyers.

We are restricting access to all our courts to residents, carers and essential services only.  This means that we cannot allow access to removal personnel, wider family members and other providers that support the moving process into any communal area.  We therefore strongly recommend that any property sale does not proceed to exchange and/or completion during this uncertain time and until further notice.  

If  you believe that there are exceptional circumstances, please contact Goldsborough Estates and we can discuss to assess whether the move could be handled safely.  We really do not recommend many any moves during the current period of lockdown, but we will try to assist if there is a critical reason to do so (such as a health issue or homelessness).

The Government will review the lockdown after three weeks and we will review our own position at that time, or if the Government advise changes.
Housing 21 - 26th March 2020

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