VE Day Celebrations at Bechers Court

VE Day Celebrations at Bechers Court

20 May 2020

A day to reflect and give thanks to all our veterans who risked and gave their lives for us. They were and always will be remembered as our HERO’S OF THE WAR!

With the current situation of Covid19, it was difficult to celebrate the way we would all have liked to.   Most of our residents have been in self isolation and are mentally struggling.   I wanted to let the residents of Bechers Court know we all remembered what they sacrificed and that we hadn’t forgotten about them. Currently working from home, we are all still trying to do our jobs in the best way possible; so, I decided to order some flags, bunting etc. for our Court.   It was hard to get supplies in time but I managed to source some and decorated all the front of Bechers Court with bunting and replaced all hanging baskets with bright, vibrant colourful plants.   I  decided to make homemade scones (just how my nan used to make them!) with fresh strawberries, jam and cream and then delivered one to each resident. 

My thoughts for VE Day were, for all my residents to enjoy and celebrate this momentous day.   I especially wanted to make a difference to our residents who have been self- isolating for two  months.   For them to look out of their windows and see  St. George bunting blowing in the wind and the beautiful hanging baskets with all their colours, whilst enjoying homemade scones and maybe, just for a little while, forgetting  the current situation and remembering the good old days.

Suzanne Hill
Leasehold Court Manager
Bechers Court
Old Roan, Aintree

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